Impact Convergence - Advancing Social Impact Measurement for All
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Join us in Atlanta October 24-26
to advance the state of the art of social impact measurement!

Over three days in October, leaders in the fields of impact investing, social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, social finance, and evaluation will work together in a series of events, culminating in an action agenda for the development of impact measurement.


The IMPCON community is invited to join the global expert membership of Social Value International (SVI) for all SVI 2016 annual conference sessions and workshops, which will be held during Impact Convergence 2016.



October 24-26

Impact Convergence 2016 brings together leaders, practitioners, and professionals from around the globe who are interested in impact and evaluation. Participants will network and learn about other areas of practice, discuss a range of opportunities and challenges faced by different sectors, and work collaboratively to improve impact measurement.

Bridging Communities and Building Relationships

IMPCON will open Monday afternoon with interactive networking activities followed by mini-presentations in plenary session to introduce attendees to the basics of specific areas of practice. Some of these include:


  • Impact Investing 101: Hear about the main characteristics and potential of this practice from Heather Grady, Vice President of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  • Data for Social Good 101: Enjoy a presentation on the intricacies of the field by Andrew Means, Head of the Uptake Foundation
  • B Corps 101: Learn about Certified B Corporations from Dan Osusky, Standards Development Manager at B Lab
  • Culturally Responsive Evaluation 101: Engage with concepts presented by Dominica McBride, PhD and AEA Board Member, on incorporating awareness of cultural context into evaluation practice

NOTE: Agenda is under development and is subject to change.

Visioning with Thought Leaders

John Tamihere, a preeminent chief executive of Urban Māori trusts and agencies, will lead off with a keynote address. IMPCON participants will then learn from different ignite speakers as they frame the impact measurement challenges and opportunities faced by different sectors. Speakers include:


  • Kelly McCarthy, Senior Manager, IRIS & Impact Measurement, Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)
  • Caroline Whistler, Co-President and Co-Founder, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc.
  • Jeff Shumway, Vice President, Advisory Services, US Social Finance
  • Cole B. Cole, Founder, Brioxy
  • Tris Lumley, Director of Development, New Philanthropy Capital


In the afternoon, attendees will have the opportunity to shape their own agenda by choosing between different sessions, and engaging in challenging and constructive dialogue. Session topics include:


  • What is “good enough” impact measurement?
  • The cost of impact measurement: Who should pay, how much, and when?
  • Scaling impact, scaling impact measurement, and measuring impact at scale.
  • Giving voice, sharing power: Strategies for stakeholder inclusion.
  • Impact measurement standards in accounting, impact investment, and evaluation.
  • Impact measurement at the portfolio level: Aggregation, segmentation, and diversification.
  • To RCT or not to RCT? That is the question.
  • Beyond logic models: Using theory, evidence, and experience to understand impact.

Sharing an Agenda for Action

On Wednesday morning, IMPCON participants can join an expert-facilitated discussion on how to enhance collaborative work, and take part in drafting an agenda for action to be accomplished over the next year. IMPCON participants will also have the opportunity to serve as a “brain trust” to assist Atlanta-based social entrepreneurs address their impact measurement challenges. Workshop schedule is in development!


The IMPCON action agenda will be presented Wednesday afternoon during the Opening Keynote of Evaluation 2016, the largest evaluation conference in the world. Follow-up sessions will explore IMPCON themes with a larger audience of evaluators and other measurement and public policy professionals.


NOTE: Agenda is under development and is subject to change.


Following the event, steward organizations will facilitate ongoing cross-sector collaborations that advance the action agenda and the state of the art of impact measurement.


More innovative speakers from various sectors will be confirmed for Impact Convergence in the coming weeks.
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Bernice Sanders Smoot
Founder and President, Saint Wall Street LLC

Bernice Sanders Smoot believes that dollars should fund social change, not social programs. Since 1998, under the banner of Saint Wall Street, she has helped program leaders across America adopt proven peer and business strategies for cost-effective social change. A former corporate marketing executive, nonprofit co-chair, and board vice president, Ms. Smoot brings to bear a unique blend of business and nonprofit expertise that spans 30 years. In the 90s, she helped launch HomeFree-USA, today a multi-million-dollar nonprofit leader in minority homeownership development. Under federal contract since 2008, Ms. Smoot works with grantees of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Office of Family Assistance to assess the market value of their programs. Saint Wall Street LLC’s proprietary, research-backed Program Return on Investment™ (PROI) approach draws upon proven nonprofit and corporate strategies for cost-effective leadership, research-backed studies on social costs, and evidence-based practices for assessing program cost-benefits, return on investment and return on leadership.



John Tamihere
CEO, Te Whānau o Waipareira

A former New Zealand Government Minister, John Tamihere is the CEO of urban Māori organisation Te Whānau o Waipareira and CEO of Te Pou Matakana, the North Island Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency, who are intrusted to distribute $42 million of Government contracts annually. As a leading voice for Māori, Mr. Tamihere, a lawyer, has been a Member of New Zealand Māori Council, Auckland Council’s Independent Māori Statutory Board and voted on by the community to the Waitakere District Licensing Council, who re-distribute $12 million to the west Auckland community. He is also an executive member of the National Urban Māori Authority (NUMA) and director of Te Putea Whakatupu Trust, who have grown a $20 million settlement to $26m. He is a recent ministerial appointment to the board of Māori TV.


Jeremy Nicholls

CEO, Social Value International and Social Value UK

Tris Lumley

Director of Development, New Philanthropy Capital

John Gargani

2016 President, American Evaluation Association

Dominica McBride

AEA Board Member, Founder and CEO, Become, Inc.

Caroline Whistler

Co-Founder & President, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc.

Andrew Means

Head of the Uptake Foundation

Cole B. Cole

Founder, Brioxy

Dan Osusky

Head of Standards, B Lab

Jeff Shumway

Vice President, Social Finance, Inc.

Kelly McCarthy

Senior Manager, IRIS & Impact Measurement, The GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network)

Sara Olsen

Founder & CEO, SVT Group

David Pritchard

Founding Member, Social Value US, Teaching Faculty (MA Social Impact), Claremont Lincoln University

Mark Pomar

Senior Adviser, US Russia Foundation

Brian Beachkofski

Senior Director, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc.

Neissan Alessandro Besharati

Senior M&E Technical Specialist, Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR-AA), University of the Witwatersrand, School of Governance (WSG)

Heather Grady

Vice President, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Charlotte (Charley) Clarke

Principal Consultant, Itad

Kate Ruff

SVI Board Member (Canada)

Laura Foose

Executive Director, Social Performance Task Force

Eric Barela

Measurement & Evaluation Manager,

Sonal Zaveri

Secretary, Community of Evaluators South Asia

Rohit Malhotra

Founder/Executive Director of Center for Civic Innovation

Anton Simanowitz

Director of Social Performance Solutions

Dennis Whittle

Director of Feedback Labs

Akiva Liberman

Senior Fellow | Chair, Education Policy Cluster at the Urban Institute

David Bonbright

Founder/Chief Executive of Keystone Accountability


Advancing Social Impact Measurement For All

October 24-26, 2016 / The Carter Center / Atlanta, GA

IMPCON registration is now open!


We want everyone at the table for this inaugural event! We are offering discounted registration to every Impact Convergence attendee at the AEA/SVI member rate of $225 for the entire three-day event.


The countdown is on


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October 24 & 25

The Carter Center

We are thrilled to be convening at The Carter Center for the first two days of IMPCON!

October 26

Atlanta Marriott Marquis

On the third and final day of IMPCON, we will be honored guests at Evaluation 2016, the largest evaluation conference in the world!


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A growing number of international players have been working to develop markets for privately funded ventures with a complex mix of purposes: generating financial returns, improving the lives of people, and healing the environment. These nascent markets depend on the availability of reliable impact information.

While the information currently available is of a higher quality than it was five years ago, it is not sufficient to make these markets sustainable.


At IMPCON, participants will work together to develop an action agenda that advances the state of the art of impact measurement. After the convergence, the agenda will be advanced by cross-sector teams under the leadership of steward organizations.



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